Pablo Sandstrom








“ENA”. Dir. Anaïs Pareto y Estel Díaz. TVE1. 2023.
“Hanno ucciso l’Uomo Ragno – La vera storia degli 883”. Dir. Sydney Sibilia. SKY Italia. 2023.
“Señor, dame paciencia”. DLO Producciones y Atresmedia. 2022.
“Model Boy”. Matador Pictures. Untitled Entertainment. 2019.
“Love your life”. Dir. Renée Stork. SOB Films. 2019.
“Hysterical Women”. Changito Perrito Productions. 2019.
“Penned”. Dir. Steven Pierce. Framework Productions. 2018
“Perdido en Madrid”. Dir. Pablo Zanón. Apertura Producciones. 2018.
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“Village of the Damned”. Warner Brothers. Red Marble Media. 2017.
“On the case with Paula Zahn”. Dir. Joshua Kleinman. Investigation discovery. 2017.

“The Strangers (1,2 y 3)”. Lionsgate. Dir. Renny Harlin. 2023.
“Guys at parties like it”. Dir. Colton Coate. Mattioli Productions. 2023.
“The McHenry Trial”. Dir. Ken Sagoes. The Sagoes Company. 2020.
“Happy Birthday to me”. Dir. Po Yu Chen. Amazon. 2019.
“The Other Wall”. Dir. Fred O’Dery. 2019.
“Room 16”. Dir. Jolie Kinga. JK Focus Productions. 2018.
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“Circle”. Dir. Scott McCan. Playground Productions. 2016.
“Am I attractive”. Dir. Sandra Luckow. Yale Film Institute. 2015.
“Give it a try”. Dir. Sandra Luckow. Yale Film Institute. 2015

“Dear Eleanor”. The Kraine Theatre. NYC. 2018.
“You can’t run away from home”. Hudson Guild Theatre. NYC. 2017.
“Dali’s Dream”. 4th St Theatre. New York Theatre Workshop. 2016.
“The Illusion of Love”. The Paradise Factory. NYC. 2016.
“A Gown For His Mistress”. Dir. Bob Verlaque. Gloria Maddox Theatre. (Off Broadway). NYC. 2016.
“Place of Assembly”. Dir. Luis Cardenas. The Point. NYC. 2016.
“Taking Care”. Manhattan Rep. Theatre. NYC. 2016.
“Denial”. Alpha NYC Theatre. 2016.
“Breaking Cover”. The Point. Open Hydrant. NYC. 2015.
“Julius Caesar”. The Nuffield Theatre. UK. 2008.
“Three Sisters”. The Nuffield Theatre. UK. 2008
“Hobson’s Choice”. The Dukes Theatre. UK. 2007

Spanish: native.
English: native USA.
Italian: basic.
Swedish: basic.

2021 Nominated for Best supporting actor for “The McHenry Trial”. Garden State Film Festival.
2020 Best Supporting Actor Award for “The McHenry Trial”. Global Film Festival LA.
2020 Best Supporting Actor Award for “The McHenry Trial”. Global Film Festival Awards.
2020 Best Supporting Actor Award for “The McHenry Trial”. Vegas Movie Awards.
2020 Best Supporting Actor Award for “The McHenry Trial”. BlastOff.
2020 Best Supporting Actor Award for “The McHenry Trial”. Indie Short Fest.
2020 Best Supporting Actor Award for “The McHenry Trial”. IndieX Film Festival.

New York Film Academy Talent Grant.

Accents (British and Texan).
Spanish Soccer Champion (Sub-16).

Military and weapons training.


Larry Moss (Masterclass)
T. Schreiber (Conservatorio)
Harold Guskin
Barrow Group (Lee Brock)
Lee Strasberg (L.A.)
Yale: Summer Conservatory for Actors.

RADA: Improv. & Acting Intensive Program. Londres.

Camera: Bob Krakower, Lesly Kahn, Ted Sluberski, Margie Haber, Anthony Meindl, Ellen Novack, Matt Newton y Brian Letscher.

Professionals Workshop with Juan Carlos Corazza. 2021-23.
Professionals Workshop with Juan Codina. 2021
Module 1 with Fernando Piernas. 2023.
Workshop for professional actors with Claudio Tolcachir.
Workshops with directors: Andrés Lima, Consuelo Trujillo, Montxo Armendáriz, María Ripoll and Javier Luna.
Professional Series with Lorena García de las Bayonas at the Centro del Actor. 2020-2023.
Voice with Leticia Santafé and Nuria Castaño.

ICADE: (Madrid – Spain) Degree in International Business Administration E4.